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Incorrect or missing information? Scheduling

This Wiki page is for an older version of SABnzbd.
You can download the most recent stable version (SABnzbd 4.3.2) on our downloads page.

You can use the scheduler to set up tasks to be performed at specific days and times. Each schedule block is repeated one per week or every day.

Action Description
Resume Continue downloading, Watched Folder scanning and RSS feed readouts.
Pause Stop downloading
NOTE Will pause at startup if not combined with a scheduled Resume.
Pause-all Stop downloading, Watched Folder scanning and RSS feeds, stops all disk activity.
Shutdown Exit SABnzbd.
Restart Restart SABnzbd.
Speedlimit Set the speedlimiter to the given % value. This can also be in K/M/G notation, for example 4.5M will set the speedlimit to 4.5MB/s.
Pause post processing Halt post-processing (except active job), while downloading continues.
Resume post processing Will resume post-processing, while downloading continues.
Scan watched folder Read watched folder (this will disable the interval in Folders).
Create backup Create a scheduled backup of the configuration file and databases in the Complete Download Folder.
Read RSS feeds Read all RSS feeds (this will disable the interval in RSS).
Remove failed jobs Remove all jobs in history that have failed to complete, including their files.
Remove completed jobs Remove all jobs in history that have completed successfully.
Pause low/normal/high priority jobs All jobs with a low/normal/high priority will set to paused mode.
Resume low/normal/high priority jobs All jobs with a low/normal/high priority will be resumed.
Enable/Disable quota management See Quota.
Enable/Disable server-name Enable or disable a server on the given time.
Pause/Resume category-nameAll jobs within the selected category will be paused/unpaused.

NOTE On startup, SABnzbd will evaluate all schedules and determine the current pause/resume state and speedlimit. The -pause command-line parameter will override this evaluation.

NOTE On each schedule change, the schedule will be re-evaluated and the speedlimit will be set. If SABnzbd happened to be paused, it will NOT be resumed by the schedule evaluation. This is to prevent spontaneous resumption during schedule changes.


Suppose you only want to download on weekdays between 1:00AM and 5:30PM and in the weekend between 1:00 AM and 11:00AM.
You set this up using four schedule blocks.

Resume downloading every day at 1:00AM:
01:00 Daily Resume

Pause downloading every day at 5:30PM (= 17:30 military time):
17:30 Daily Pause

Pause downloading on Saturday 11:00AM:
11:00 Saturday Pause

Pause downloading on Sunday 11:00AM:
11:00 Sunday Pause

Enable server on Monday 6:00AM:
06:00 1