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Guides for Windows and macOS

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Below is a general list of all packages required to run SABnzbd.


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SABnzbd requires Python 2.7.
Note: Python 3.x is not supported. Check python version with "python —version"

Must-have Python modules

Python comes included with a Python Packages Manager on many platforms. You can install the required Python modules by simply running the following commands after installing Python:
pip install cheetah
pip install cryptography
pip install sabyenc
Additionally, on Windows:
pip install pypiwin32

In case sabyenc installation fails, you can read more here.

Must-have utilities


We recommend release 5.30Final or higher.
Linux users should use the official 3.91 (or higher) release from the RarLab site.
Of the package only the unrar part is free-ware!

There are many unrar binaries for other platforms:

par2cmdline 0.4+

Available through package managers as par2, par2cmdline or via GitHub.


Any unzip command that supports passwords (via -P option) will function. Can usually be installed via package managers, alternatively InfoZip's unzip program can be optained here.


7zip can be obtained via package managers, the command that SABnzbd looks for is 7za or 7z. The package is called p7zip-full or can be obtained from the offical website.