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Incorrect or missing information? Install from source

Guides for Windows and macOS

Specific guides to install from source are available for:

Linux platforms


Get a local copy (clone) of the SABnzbd source from github or via git with:
git clone -b master 


SABnzbd 3.7.2 and higher requires Python 3.8 or higher.
Check python version with python3 --version.

Must-have Python modules

Python comes included with a Python Packages Manager (pip) on many platforms.
Which may be required to be updated to handle building/installing newer packages for your system.

Upgrade the python package manager and build modules:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip wheel
Install the Python module requirements from the SABnzbd source directory:
pip3 install --upgrade -r requirements.txt
If you plan to do development work, you might need the following OS packages:
pip3 install --upgrade -r builder/requirements.txt
pip3 install --upgrade -r tests/requirements.txt
On non-x86 linux platforms you may need to install:
python3-dev python3-setuptools python3-pip libffi-dev libssl-dev openssl-dev musl-dev cargo

If the sabctools (formerly called sabyenc) installation fails, read here.

Start SABnzbd by running:


Multi-language support

To enable multi-language support (and fix mistakes in English texts) you will need to run this command once before starting SABnzbd for the first time and after each major update:

python3 tools/

Must-have utilities


We recommend release 5.5 or higher your package manager or the official website.


Available through package managers as par2, par2cmdline or via GitHub.
Optimized versions of par2 can also be installed, read more here.

Optional utilities


Any unzip command that supports passwords (via -P option) will function.
Can usually be installed via package managers, alternatively InfoZip's unzip program can be obtained here.


7zip can be obtained via package managers, the command that SABnzbd looks for is 7za or 7z.
The package is called 7zip or can be obtained from the official website.
p7zip was a modification of 7zip to provide linux support which has been abanonded.


To adjust the CPU priority of external tools that SABnzbd runs (ex: par / unrar)


To adjust the disk priority of external tools that SABnzbd runs (ex: par / unrar)


NotifyOSD provides desktop pop-up notifications. Available through package managers as notify-osd.