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SABnzbd has support & discussion channels on our Discord server and on the synIRC IRC Network.
There is a two-way IRC-Discord relay bot that links our Discord's #support channel with #sabnzbd IRC channel to allow each group to assist each other.

Before jumping in to the chat please check the wiki to see if we have already answered your question in our FAQ.

Here are our top requests:

Note: While we try to respond promptly to whatever questions you may come in with, please keep in mind that we can't always respond instantaneously. So please, stick around for a couple of minutes and give us a chance to realize there's channel activity before you give up.

However, if we really all do seem asleep, feel free to ask your question over on the forums.


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Join our Discord server!


If you are familiar with IRC you can find us in #sabnzbd on If you aren't, you can use the Mibbit web client embedded on this page.

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