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Incorrect or missing information? NZB Sources

SABnzbd does not browse Usenet headers. Instead, it accepts NZB files to process. An NZB file contains a full specification of all Usenet articles that are needed for a download. You can get these files from sites such as those listed below.

NOTE Usenet servers hold all kinds of material, sometimes of questionable origin and legality. Please be careful and confirm that downloading this material is legal in your country. This is your responsibility, not the authors of SABnzbd, nor the sites offering NZB files.

NOTE SABnzbd does not endorse or require the use of any specific indexer. They all work with SABnzbd perfectly fine so long as they generate NZBs - none of these sites require specific "SABnzbd integration". Before paying for an indexer, please keep in mind there are no guarantees and any site could disappear at any time without notice.

Raw search engines

These are classic search engines that index and give you results by keywords. No human influence, which means little-to-no logic filtering out bad posts (spam/virus/password protected/etc) or un-obfuscating encrypted posts. Just an algorithm to search.

WARNING Be careful when obtaining NZBs through this method - user discretion is advised.

The lists below are randomly sorted on every page-load to give each website equal exposure.

Site RSS Notes No Open categorized NZB Indexer No No Limited Newsgroup of NZB post reported as Category No Yes Newsgroup of NZB post reported as Category


Indexers parse headers to build releases in order to present a user-friendly way to browse content.

Please check the up-to-date indexer listing at Reddit /r/usenet.