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Incorrect or missing information? Install SABnzbd for macOS

The official App

If you just want to use SABnzbd, we provide a packaged application (64bit-only) available here.
Pick the right folder for your macOS version and drag SABnzbd to the Applications folder.

How to run from sources on macOS

If for some reason you don't want to use the app, you can install from source.

  1. Install pip, if it's not already installed, by running:
    sudo -H easy_install pip
    (or without sudo, if you have the right permissions)
  2. Install the depenencies by running:
    sudo -H pip install cheetah3
    sudo -H pip install cryptography
    sudo -H pip install sabyenc
    It could be that SABYenc does not get recognized, try the following commands (requires Xcode):
    sudo -H pip uninstall sabyenc -y
    sudo -H pip install git+git://
  3. Finally, download the source code, unpack into any folder (e.g. ~/SABnzbd).
    Don't compile or anything, just run from source:
    cd SABnzbd/

Your default web browser should now start and show the user interface of SABnzbd.

Running from Terminal

Since the "-d" option of SABnzbd+ is not working under Leopard, we need to create a daemon environment. This can easily be done by running the command in screen. This also adds running at a low priority so that it willl affect system performance less. The final command looks like this (provided that SABnzbd+ is still on your desktop):

cd SABnzbd/
/usr/bin/screen -m -d /usr/bin/nice -n 20 ~/SABnzbd/ -b 0


  • screen -m -d: starts the command in a detached screen.
  • nice -n 20: starts the command with the lowest processor priority.
  • -b 0: starts the SABnzbd+ without autostarting your browser.

Start SABnzbd+ at boottime
Run this script in crontab periodically, so that SABnzb+ is started at boottime and will be kept running.

active=$(/bin/ps aux | grep -v grep | grep
if [ "$active" = "" ]
    /usr/bin/screen -m -d /usr/bin/nice -n 20 ~/SABnzbd/ -b 0

Should you ever need to run the compiled app from Terminal, this is the way:


If you need to see the logging output directly tro the console:

/Applications/ --console