Incorrect or missing information? Password-protected RARs

Sometimes you encounter encrypted (or password-protected) RARs. It's only useful to download a password protected post when you know the password upfront. Trying to get a password afterwards is probably a waste of your time and/or money.


There's an option that will pause a job as soon as the first encrypted RAR file has been downloaded.
You can choose to delete the job or resume it.

Password per NZB

Supposing you know the required password, you can give it to SABnzbd before the download starts post-processing.
You can do this in two ways:

In the NZB file name you can embed the password like this: My Job {{PW}}.nzb or My Job password=PW.nzb
This will set the the job name to "My Job" and the password to "PW".

You can rename the job in the queue.
My Job / PASSWORD will set the password. The '/' is used as a separator because it cannot be part of a folder name.
The folder name will be "My Job" and "PASSWORD" will be used as the decryption password when unpacking.

The password can be changed until the job enters the post-processing queue.

Inside the NZB

Indexers and NZB suppliers can include the password inside the NZB head section (see NZB specification):

<meta type="password">secret</meta>

Or as the x-dnzb-password header when SABnzbd fetches the URL.

Password file

If you don't set a password per job, you can create a text file containing all passwords to be tried.
It's a simple ASCII text file (created with Notepad, VI or TextEdit) and should contain one password per line.
Please note that having a large number of passwords will make unpacking very slow.
Specify where the file is in Config->Folders.