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Development of SABnzbd is hosted on
Translations are managed on Transifex.

User support

Questions, answers and bug reports can be found on the support forum
(For posting messages, we require you to register on the forum, to keep the spammers out.)
You can see unread forum messages via

Live Chat

See Live Chat

Bug reporting

Always report bugs on the forum or GitHub, and not in emails or Forum PM's.
You may be asked to send additional material to [email protected].
Do not send unsolicited information to our email addresses, it will be ignored.
When you send information always add the URL of your forum post.
If you have a GitHub account you can submit problem reports and change requests in our bugtracker.

The Team

SABnzbd is maintained by The SABnzbd-team:


  • Release manager
  • Software developer
  • Skin designer
  • Documentation


  • Software developer
  • Documentation


  • Software developer
  • Ubuntu repository manager


  • Website operator


  • Software developer
  • Skin designer
  • Documentation

Passive members


  • Release manager
  • Software developer
  • Documentation


  • Skin designer
  • Documentation


  • macOS support
  • Creator of the native


  • Software developer
  • Skin designer
  • Documentation


The SABnzbd software is covered by the GPL2 license or any later release (at your choice).
Original copyright by [email protected] (up to release 0.2.5)
All subsequent releases copyright by The SABnzbd-Team, consisting of the above listed members.

This Wiki Site is covered by "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License" (see bottom of this page).
Copyright by The SABnzbd-Team

SABnzbd is free open source software, but the name, logos and icons are not.
The SABnzbd team is the copyright holder of these.
However, we do permit use of name and icons in a specific situation.
When you build an application that interfaces with SABnzbd through its API you can:

  • Mention the name SABnzbd in configuration pages of your application
  • Mention SABnzbd-compatibility in describing your application
  • Use our icon(s) or your own (accurate) rendering of our icon(s) in your application

You should state in your application's license section (typically connected to an About page), that name and icon(s) are copyrighted by the SABnzbd Team. This does not mean that the SABnzbd team endorses your application nor that we are obliged to keep our API compatible with your application.