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Incorrect or missing information? IPv6

SABnzbd is fully IPv6 enabled: it can download from IPv6 enabled news servers, and you can access SABnzbd's web-interface over IPv6.

Based on HappyEyeballs, SABnzbd will choose the quickest connection to a newsserver: via IPv4 or via IPv6

Access SABnzbd's web-interface over IPv6

To access SABnzbd's web-interface over IPv6, you need to fill out :: in General at the field "SABnzbd Host". Press Save Changes, and then restart SABnzbd.
As a first test, you should be able to access SABnzbd via http://[::1]:8080/. If that works you can fill out the public IPv6 address of your system running SABnzbd, so something like http://[2001:dead:beef::b055]:8080/

NOTE By default both IPv6-enabled routers and Windows' IPv6 interface behave like IPv4-NAT-devices: drop unknown incoming connections. So, to make SABnzbd accessible over IPv6 from the outside world, you have to configure your modem and Windows to accept connections.