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Incorrect or missing information? Install SABnzbd for Unix/Linux

Repositories and packages



  • Get it from the Snap Store

Unix packaging

We have a Guideline for Unix packaging, meant for prospective porters.

Assuming you have the Python package already installed, you need to install a number of Python modules. Often you can install these using apt-get commands (check your system's documentation). Otherwise you need to download and/or compile. See here for the official download locations.

The next step is to unpack the SABnzbd-version.tar.gz file and install it somewhere appropriate. You don't have to be a system admin to install SABnzbd itself. It's just a bunch of text files (Python sources and HTML files).
You start from the command line (check if the X bit is set, otherwise do chmod +x first).

SABnzbd will startup and will try to find a web browser to show you its web interface.

Install as a Unix daemon

See: Install as a Unix Daemon