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Incorrect or missing information? SABnzbd installation on Debian

There are a few ways to install SABnzbd on Debian.

From the standard Debian contrib repository

First make sure you have the Debian repository contrib activated. Then

sudo apt-get install sabnzbdplus

This is an easy way, but note that this version of SABnzbd can be old and outdated. Nevertheless, this way is always a good first step because it is easy, and it takes care of dependencies if running SABnzbd from source/github.

Run SABnzbd like this:


From the PPA for Ubuntu

The PPA for SABnzbd for Ubuntu seems to work for Debian too. You need to read and follow the instruction by the author of the Ubuntu PPA (JCFP) in this forum thread.

The advantage of this method is that you get SABnzbd updates automatically when updating your Debian system.

Run SABnzbd like this:


From source

You can run SABnzbd releases from source. Get the SABnzbd package from the download page and unpack it in some writable directory (for example your home directory).

tar xvzf SABnzbd-2.3.2RC1-src.tar.gz

Tip: an easy way to solve dependencies, is to first install sabnzbdplus from the Debian contrib repository. See above.

Run SABnzbd like this, from the directory where you installed SABnzbd:


From github

This is like running from source but you can update easily:

git clone
cd sabnzbd
git checkout master

To update, go into the sabnzbd git directory, and type:

git pull

Run SABnzbd like this, from the directory where you installed SABnzbd: