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Incorrect or missing information? Install SABnzbd for Windows from source

Running the source python (.py) files on a Windows system is not recommended unless you want to try the latest GitHub copy, or make changes yourself.

  1. Install Python 3.8 or above from
  2. Install Git for Windows on your system. Defaults options are OK
  3. Get a local copy (clone) of the SABnzbd source by opening Git Bash from the start menu and running:
    git clone 
    Press "Insert" instead of "Ctrl+V" to paste into Git Bash.
    You can specify the target directory as a second argument if you don’t want it in the default location (C:\Users\USERNAME\sabnzbd\).
  4. To enable multi-language support type in the Git Bash you still have open:
    cd sabnzbd
    python tools/
  5. Open a Command Prompt or Git Bash and navigate to the location of the Git clone, run:
    pip install -U -r requirements.txt
  6. You can start SABnzbd by running in the Command Prompt or Git Bash:
    python C:\Users\USERNAME\sabnzbd\

To update the source files to the latest version, open Git Bash and type:

cd sabnzbd
git pull

Optional (not show the DOS command line when SABnzbd is launched):

  • Create a .cmd file to easily launch SABnzbd such as: python "path\to\folder\".
  • Put a shortcut to the .cmd file in your startup folder, and set it to start as minimized.