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Incorrect or missing information? Servers

If you want to download anything, you need to have access to one or more Usenet servers. For each server you need to specify its parameters.


You assign each server a priority, a number between 0 (highest) and 99 (lowest).
SABnzbd will first try to get articles from the group of servers with the highest priority. Within the priority group, the first server with a free connection will be tried. When the first tried server doesn't have an article, then another server with the same priority is tried.
When none of the primary servers has a specific article, a lower priority group is tried. Within the lower priority group, the same method is used: the first server with a free slot is tried.

Article availability

This statistic will show you how many of the requested articles were available on this server. The number of requested articles is included, to offer a comparison between the servers. It could be that some higher priority servers are tried less often. If they are tried less often but still have a low article availability, it might not be worth having this subscription.

Basic settings

NOTE Check your Usenet provider's documentation for the proper values!


If you have multiple servers, you can use this field to quickly enable or disable servers.

This field can be set/reset by the Scheduler.

Server description
The name of the server in the Config and download reports.
Host The DNS name of the server. Example:
Port The standard port is 119. Some servers use a different port number.
SSL is usually port 563 or 443.

Use a secure connection to the server.

NOTE Most providers use port 563 for SSL, do not use port 119.

Username Often you need to supply the user account of your Usenet subscription.
Password Often you need to supply the password of your Usenet subscription.
Connections Usenet providers offer different amounts of simultaneous connections. You may need to specify the maximum amount allowed in order to get full speed. Do not use a large number. Most servers work best with anything between 8 and 30.
See High speed downloading for more information.
Priority See Priorities section above.
Set here the maximum retention time of your server. Retention means the number of days that articles are kept by the server. 0 means infinite retention.
Only use this when you have multiple servers and you want to avoid that SABnzbd wastes time on asking servers for articles it cannot have. Be aware that retention times advertised by Usenet providers are not absolute. If you set it too low, your others servers will be used more intensely. There is no reason to set a retention time when you have only one server.
Time out in seconds for error recovery. Be careful, do not set this to a very low value, your provider will not like that. A common value is 60.
Certificate verification

SABnzbd will verify the certificates your server uses in order to verify its identity.

WARNING Disabling or setting this check to Minimal allows anyone to redirect and intercept your traffic using any valid certificate! It is comparable to not using SSL at all.

Read more on Certificate verification.

  • None = Certificates are not verified
  • Minimal = Verify certificates before connecting
  • Strict = Verify and enforce matching hostname
SSL Ciphers
See SSL Ciphers.

In case of connection failures, the download queue will be paused for a few minutes instead of skipping this server. This way you can prevent secondary (block) servers to be used when there is a temporary problem with your main server.

NOTE If you enable this on multiple servers, they all need to be available before the download queue will be unpaused.


If you use multiple servers and some of these servers are not very reliable, you can declare them "optional". This means that if such a server causes too much problems (like time-outs) it will be ignored for some time.

NOTE When you declare a server with a long retention time as optional and the server is temporary out-of-service, SABnzbd will fall back to another server. If the alternative server has a shorter retention time, you will miss articles if the articles are beyond the retention time of the alternative server. It is best to set your most reliable and longest retention time server as a lower priority server but not as optional. Secondary servers (cheaper, less reliable, shorter retention time) can be set as high priority and optional.

Account expiration date

If you supply the expiration date of your server subscription, SABnzbd will warn you 5 days in advance.

NOTE The server will not be automatically disabled.


If you have a block account, SABnzbd can warn you when your quota has expired. Most useful if you set it at around 75% of the block size that you bought, so you are warned early.

NOTE The server will not be automatically disabled.

Personal notes
In case extra information is necessary to identify this server to you on this Configuration page.