Incorrect or missing information? Notification Scripts

Only in SABnzbd 1.1.0+

SABnzbd can run a user-provided script to be executed when a notification needs to be send. In Config->Notifications you can specify for which type of notifications the script should be executed.

Scripts can be Python scripts, bash scripts and BAT scripts. All scripts must be located in the scripts-directory, that can be specified in Config->Folders. Furthermore, the script must be executable. On Linux this means the x-bit must be on. On Windows, the requirement is that the script's extension is listed in your system's PATHEXT environment variable.

NZB-Notify's notification script provides a wide range of notification services, extending on the build-in providers of SABnzbd.


The script will receive the parameters described below.

Please note: Use %1 in Windows scripts and $1 in Unix scripts. In Windows the parameters will be enclosed in double quotes ("my name").
On Posix systems (macOS, Linux, Unix) the parameters will not have quotes at all.

Position Description
1 Type of notification
  • startup = Startup/Shutdown
  • download = Added NZB
  • pp = Post-processing started
  • complete = Job finished
  • failed = Job failed
  • warning = Warning
  • error = Error
  • disk_full = Disk full
  • queue_done = Queue finished
  • new_login = User logged in
  • other = Other Messages
2 The title of the notification in the user's language
3 The notification message
4 Parameters (can be specified in Config->Notifications)

When all went well, SABnzbd expect's exit code 0. If an error occured or something else than 1 is returned, the output will be shown to the user as an error.

Example Python script

The get the parameters in python, you can do this:

import sys
    (scriptname, notification_type, notification_title, notification_text, parameters) = sys.argv
    print "No commandline parameters found"

# continue script

# Your code goes here

# Success code