Incorrect or missing information? Glitter Tips and Tricks


Several people have created utilities that work with SABnzbd and can simplify or automate much of your usenet experience.
Extensions for SABnzbd

Speed tips

We have some tips and tricks in case SABnzbd is not hitting the limits of your connection: Highspeed Downloading.

Edit multiple jobs

When you want to quickly set options for multiple jobs, click on .
You can first select what options you want changed and then select to which jobs these changes should be applied, or first select the jobs and then the changes you want. Changes are applied instantly.

NOTE The jobs you select will be remembered, so if you go to another page of jobs and then change an option, it will also be applied to the jobs you selected before.

Searching the Queue

Only when there's more items than the Queue item limit (set in Status and Interface settings, , Web Interface) or when editing multiple jobs, the search box for the queue appears.

Select ranges of items (jobs, files)

When editing multiple jobs or when viewing the files within a job ( ), you can select a range of items by first clicking the first of the items you want selecting, then hold SHIFT when you select the last item in the range.

It's also possible to use the Check All button to select all items or un-select all in case some were already selected.

Extra Queue and History columns

Glitter offers the option to display extra information in the Queue and History by selecting them in Status and Interface settings ( , Web Interface). This way you can always see for example a job's Category, Script, etc. or similar information in the History.

Tabbed layout

When you prefer to have the Queue and History not on the same page but in tabs (much like the old Classic interface), you can activate this in Status and Interface settings ( , Web Interface).

Pick date/time formats

In Status and Interface settings ( , Web Interface) you can choose to display the time Twitter/Facebook-style instead of the regular date/time format. You can also change it to a different notation.

Disable confirmations when deleting items from Queue/History

In Status and Interface settings ( , Web Interface) you can choose to not be asked if you are sure when deleting a job or history item. There is no way to restore jobs or history items after deleting.

Add (multiple) NZB's by drag-and-drop

You can drag and drop NZB's directly onto the Glitter interface in your browser. It's not limited to 1 NZB, you can drag multiple NZB's at once or add archives containing multiple NZB's directly.

Delete from history based on search term

The History-delete button also allows to delete all the items on the current page, this way when you search for something you can remove all items matching your search term at once.

Quickly set password for a job

You can set a password for a job quickly by adding at the end of a job name the password after a /, this will parse it as a password. So set it to JOBNAME / PASSWORD123 and it will set the password for the job to PASSWORD123.

Custom pause

You are not limited to the pre-defined settings of pausing, in the same menu next to the pause button you can choose Custom. Here you can enter a pause duration in minutes, hours, days or even set a specific end time. When you say tomorrow 17:00, it will calculate how many minutes that is. Other examples are 90 minutes, 2 days, Friday 2am or 10 September, 17:00.

Quickly clear speedlimit

When you set a speedlimit, the icon will appear in the speed display. By clicking the speedlimit will be removed.

Set action when all downloading is complete

In the menu ( ) you can set what needs to happen when all downloading (and post-processing) is complete. For example Shutdown PC, Standby PC or run a script. This option was always available, but somewhat hidden.