Incorrect or missing information? New features and changes


We decided to rename 0.8.0 to 1.0.0, in order to start using a common release numbering method.

When you upgrade an existing 0.7.x installation, release 1.1.0 will NOT be able to finish the queue. It's best to empty your queue first using 0.7.x.

Alternatively, you can install 1.1.0 and then use "Queue Repair" on the Status page. Some information (like the order of the queue) will be lost.


On Windows we corrected the base path, it's now C:\Users\USERNAME\ instead of C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\.
SABnzbd 1.0.0 will find your old queue with the side-effect that the old location will be used until you change it in Config->Folders.


Breaking change in API: speed-limit is now either a percentage or an absolute number

  • 0-100 or anything with a '%' is a percentage
  • Absolute numbers no longer have an implicit "K" (times 1024) factor
  • Check third-party tools that set a speed for SABnzbd

Important to note: you can not switch easily between 0.7.x and 1.1.0 versions, at least not with the same queue.

Known issues in 1.1.0

We have compiled a small list of known problems.


Full Unicode

This means that more translations will be available, like Russian and Chinese. For Windows users it also means that there will be much less problems with long paths.

New default skin: Glitter

A brand-new UI skin was developed based on more modern browser techniques. It is the new default skin for new users.
"Plush" and "smpl" still remain, but it is unsure whether they will receive new features. The Config pages are the same for all skins.

HTML login page

Instead of basic authentication, SABnzbd now offers an HTML login form that's easier to use in conjunction with password helpers.

Performance optimizations

In SABnzbd 1.1.0 we started implementing performance optimzations for slower systems and reduction of CPU usage on faster systems. This work will be continued in upcoming releases.

Propagation delay

If you experience very young posts failing due to missing blocks your server might still be in the process of receiving the posts. Delaying the these very young posts a few minutes might solve these issues. Posts will be paused untill they are at least this age. Setting job priority to Force will skip the delay.

Server priorities

SABnzbd 0.7.20 and older works with primary and backup servers. The "primary" group and the "backup" group have internally no priorities. SABnzbd 1.0.0+ uses server priorities instead.
This means that SABnzbd will first ask the highest priority server (0) and when that server doesn't have an article, the next lower priority server (1) will be asked. This continues until all (enabled) servers have been tried. Servers within the same priority group will be used in a round-robin way (faster servers will be used more).

Server load balancing

Newsserver IPv6 load balancing aka Happy Eyeballs / RFC 6555

7Zip support

Slowly the number of 7z posts is growing on Usenet, so it's time SABnzbd starts supporting it.
Single 7z and multi-volume (7z.001, 7z.002 etc.) are supported.
Binaries for Windows and macOS are included.
Other systems will need to have the "7za" or "7z" tool available in the $PATH.
Recommended version: 9.20 or higher

Optimal repair

SABnzbd first verifies a job using just the smallest par2 file. If that fails, it will download more par2 files and will try to repair the files. On slower systems that are faster at downloading than repairing, this is not optimal. par2-based repair is a very CPU intensive process and running a verify/repair cycle twice instead of once makes the whole process ever slower.
So for people who have (1) a system and provider that allow rather fast downloading and (2) are not restricted by download caps, there is the option to download ALL par2 files. If you have QuickCheck enabled a first (fast) verification will be done and if that fails all available par2 files will be downloaded.
Without QuickCheck, all par2 files will be downloaded even if not needed at all.
This allows you to chose the optimal situation, which will not be the same for everyone.

Season/Episode handling

SABnzbd will now (optionally) analyse every title for show/season/episode data.
This info is used to implement better duplicate detection.

Duplicates detected using the History database

Previously SABnzbd used its nzb-backup folder to detect duplicates.
1.0.0 will use the History database instead.
It will check against the checksum of the NZB file, not just against the title.
If you enable season/episode detection, it will use that also for duplicate detection.

More notification platforms

First of all, the Notification system has been redesigned allowing you to specify per
platform which events trigger notification with which priority (when supported).
New: Prowl, PushBullet, PushOver

Security zones

Access to the API and the web-interface can be limited for systems outside the "safe ranges".
"Safe ranges" are IP ranges that you allow.
Supposing all systems on your local network use IP addresses like,
you would specify the safe range as "192.168.1.".
You can add a list of safe ranges.

Apple Bonjour

SABnzbd will support Apple's Bonjour protocol to some extent.
Bonjour shows available network services without you having mess around with IP addresses and port numbers.
All Apple devices support it and will therefore be able to find your SABnzbd server easily.
The protocol is also known as ZeroConfig or Avahi on other platforms.
Note: currently Bonjour support doesn't work in macOS El Capitan.

RSS filter: From SxxEyy

Allow you to set the first season/episode of a series you're interested in.


  • More Scheduling events
  • Speed limits in percentage of maximum line-speed