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Incorrect or missing information? Indexer feedback


SABnzbd has automatic feedback for indexers integrated since before version 0.7. It was originally made for OZnzb and thus had these labels within SABnzbd. However, it has always supported other indexers and since SABnzbd 1.1.0 the references to OZnzb have been removed.

SABnzbd can automatically report if a download was encrypted or failed and for which servers it failed, without user input. The user can also see in the Queue the rating for audio and video given by other users while it's downloading.

The user can submit from the SABnzbd history with 2 clicks feedback about:

  • Thumbs up/down (+1/-1)
  • Video/audio rating
  • Passworded
  • Spam
  • Other problem
  • Leave comment

To enable ratings, the user needs to enable the Indexer integration in Switches.
IMPORTANT The indexer can provide an URL including the API-key for the user, OR the user can set a rating_host and rating_api_key in the settings.

When a job from the specified indexer is added, SABnzbd will use the ratings supplied by the indexer. The user can set in Switches if it wants to abort or pause a job based on those ratings or status codes.

Supplying data to SABnzbd

The integration is working when you see the video and audio rating icons in the queue, even if no rating by other users was given.

Using meta tags

For it to work, the indexer needs to specify a meta tag in the NZB file (see NZB Format Specification) that indicates the link to the ID of the job in the indexer database:

<meta type="x-rating-id">ID-OF-JOB-AT-INDEXER</meta>

Optionally the statistics should be included, so SABnzbd can do filtering based on them and the user can see them in the queue.

These are the fields that are available:

<meta type="x-rating-video">VIDEO-SCORE</meta> <!-- From 1-10 -->
<meta type="x-rating-videocnt">NUMBER-OF-VOTES</meta>
<meta type="x-rating-audio">AUDIO-SCORE</meta>
<meta type="x-rating-audiocnt">NUMBER-OF-VOTES</meta>
<meta type="x-rating-voteup">NUMBER-OF-UPVOTES</meta>
<meta type="x-rating-votedown">NUMBER-OF-DOWNVOTES</meta>
<meta type="x-rating-spam">NUMBER-OF-TIMES-REPORTED-AS-SPAM</meta> 
<meta type="x-rating-confirmed-spam">yes/no</meta>  <!-- Confirmed by admins/mods -->
<meta type="x-rating-passworded">NUMBER-OF-TIMES-REPORTED-AS-PASSWORDED</meta> 
<meta type="x-rating-confirmed-passworded">yes/no</meta>  <!-- Confirmed by admins/mods -->

In order to override the user's settings, the following (optional) fields can be supplied. If they are not supplied, the information from the user's setting is used:

<meta type="x-rating-host"></meta>
 <!-- OR -->
<meta type="x-rating-url"></meta>

Using headers

Alternatively, the same fields can be supplied when the NZB is fetched using HTTP headers. However, data will be transient and not available when the NZB is added again by the user.

x-rating-id: ID-OF-JOB-AT-INDEXER
x-rating-video: VIDEO-SCORE
x-rating-videocnt: NUMBER-OF-VOTES
x-rating-audio: AUDIO-SCORE
x-rating-audiocnt: NUMBER-OF-VOTES
x-rating-voteup: NUMBER-OF-UPVOTES
x-rating-votedown: NUMBER-OF-DOWNVOTES
x-rating-confirmed-spam: yes/no 
x-rating-confirmed-passworded: yes/no


Reporting by SABnzbd

The endpoint that SABnzbd will do a POST request to when no override is supllied will be: https://RATING_HOST/releaseRatings/releaseRatings.php

OR it will be send to the beforementioned x-rating-url.

NOTE The RATING_HOST set by the user or supplied via x-rating-url/x-rating-host needs to support HTTPS, data will not be send over HTTP.

NOTE Reports can be send by the user manually (auto=0) or automatically (auto=1) if a job was encrypted or if it failed because it was missing from the servers. The automatic reports will be send when the job is done post-processing

NOTE Omitted apikey (if filled by user in config) and i after the first example, but they will be send with every request

Missing from server (will be send seperatly for each of user's servers):

    "apikey": "KEY-SET-IN-CONFIG",
    "i": "ID-OF-JOB",
    "m": "rpr",
    "auto": "1 OR 0"

Download was passworded and password was not supplied:

    "m": "rp",
    "auto": "1 OR 0"

Reported by user as spam:

    "m": "rs"

Other problem reported by user, user can type text

    "m": "o", 
    "r": "USER-TEXT"

Comment by user, user can type a text

    "m": "rc", 
    "r": "USER-TEXT"

Set video quality:

NOTE User is only allowed to rate audio and video quality once, but can change it's Thumbs from up to down.

    "m": "r",
    "r": "videoQuality",
    "rn": "RATING 1-10"

Set audio quality:

    "m": "r",
    "r": "audioQuality",
    "rn": "RATING 1-10"

Thums up/down:

    "m": "v",
    "r": "overall",
    "v": "up OR down"