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Incorrect or missing information? Configure

This Wiki page is for an older version of SABnzbd.
You can download the most recent stable version (SABnzbd 3.0.0) on our downloads page.

SABnzbd comes with sensible defaults to work, however, there are plenty of options and tweaks to tailor SABnzbd to your needs.
View the relevant page for more information on what an option does and more.

All configuration data is stored in the so-called INI file. Which INI file used, you can see on the Configuration main page. Default locations for each operating system can be found in Folder Setup.

SABnzbd relies on using existing utilities to extract, repair, and process files once they have been downloaded.
Some of these utilities are provided with SABnzbd while some require the user to install, also some may only be optional depending on how you use SABnzbd.

Python Cryptography not available

Python Cryptography is not essential and only needed to inspect the contents of encrypted RAR-files during download and to generate self-signed certificates when you want to access the interface via HTTPS.


sudo apt-get install python-cryptography

Running from source:

pip install cryptography --upgrade

SABYenc not available

See: SABYenc information.

yEnc not available

You should install SABYenc.