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This Wiki page is for an older version of SABnzbd.
You can download the most recent stable version (SABnzbd 2.0) on our downloads page.

Web server

Host The hostname that will be used to access sabnzbd.
  • or [::1] or localhost (default) = Access from this computer only
  • empty = Finds and listens on your local (ipv4) ip address. Used for accessing from other computers. localhost will not work anymore so update your bookmarks.
  • = Listens on multiple interfaces (both local IP and localhost).
  • :: = Listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for local and network access.
For more information and option to overwrite this setting at startup see Command Line Parameters
Port The internal webserver needs an IP port to listen on. The default port is 8080. Try another one if this address is already occupied by another program on your computer.
(Note for linux users: ports below 1025 may require SABnzbd launched as root)
Web Interface SABnzbd comes with a few different skins (web interface styles). Pick one here and click on save. For the skin to become active, you have to shutdown SABnzbd and restart it again. Some skins support multiple color schemas.
Secondary Interface You can have a second user interface, using another skin. This will become visible as http://host:port/sabnzbd/m
Language The program supports more languages.
Enable HTTPS Enable the webserver to use HTTPS. For more information, see: HTTPS.
HTTPS Port Port to be used for listening. Must be different from the normal HTTP port. If empty, the SABnzbd Port set above will only listen to HTTPS.
HTTPS Certificate File containing the HTTPS certificate
HTTPS Key File containing the HTTPS key


Web Username/Password You may want to limit access to the web interface to people knowing a username and password for the interface. WARNING this is not a very secure method!
External internet access You can set access rights for systems outside your local network. NOTE Requires List of local network ranges to be defined
List of local network ranges Specify a range of local network ranges (seperated by a comma) on which the External internet access rule does not apply and the full interface is available to. All local network addresses start with these prefixes (often 192.168.1.)
API Key This is the secret key that is needed in API calls. Note that when you click the Change button, you'll need to tell your utilities the new key.


Launch browser on startup Enable to auto-launch of the browser when SABnzbd is opened.
Check for new release If enabled, SABnzbd will check once a week whether a new release has been published.
HTTPS certificate verification Verify certificates when connecting to indexers and RSS-sources using HTTPS. Requires Python 2.7.9+, can be enabled in most cases without problems, but some websites do not have proper certificates and some systems might not be configured correctly. [only 1.2.0+]


Maximum line speed Set how fast your internet connection is, in bytes/sec. If you have an ISP-speed of 10Mbit/sec, you should enter 1M here.
Percentage of line speed Which percentage of the linespeed should SABnzbd use, e.g. 50. This is the default value when SABnzbd starts.
Article Cache Limit How much memory (RAM) can be used for caching (reducing disk access). You enter the amount in bytes but you can use factors like K, M, G etc. eg: 70M = 70 MB cache. Article Cache is limited to 1GB, even if a higher value is set.
  • number = Maximum memory (in bytes)
  • 0 = Disable Cache
  • -1 = Unlimited cache to use for cache.

See High speeds for more information.