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Current Stable Version: 1.0.3 Final

0.7.11 bug fix release

Due to an error introduced in 0.7.10, verification of some NZB can seemingly take forever.
In order to support the current wave of oddly named files in NZBs, we changed the way that par2 verification works. Unfortunately, due to an error, all posts are treated this way. That’s OK for your average NZB, but some NZBs contain multiple sets of rar&par files. The bug means that the verification of each set will parse all files, potentially resulting in much longer verification/repair times. This is especially noticeable on slower systems.

The second bug occurs when some (rare) Usenet servers start sending odd articles. SABnzbd handles these as containing valid data. The result can be that downloads are corrupted beyond repair.

The third bug solved was just a nuisance. The Sort functions would not rename files when the RAR where they come from, contains an extra folder level.