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Release 0.6.14

We had a bit of a fight with Mr. Murphy, but here it is: release 0.6.14
Changes compared to release 0.6.10:

  • When retrying an URL fetch from History, remove the History entry
  • Fix job folder creation by Movie Sort when the Sort expression specifies one
  • Fix problem with retrieving ZIP files from some web sites
  • Improve detection of encrypted RAR files during download
  • When par2 fails and SFV-check enabled, verify using SFV files
  • Perform extra checks on job administration
  • Fix logging of pre-queue script result
  • Better support for Yahoo pipes
  • Accept NZB files containing incorrect dates
  • Make sure that paths coming from Sorting are normalized for the platform
  • Make newzbin “Get bookmarks now” button independent of automatic readout
  • Don’t reset watched folder path to default when it doesn’t exist at startup
  • OSX: Fix Growl issues
  • OSX: Show the promised 10 queue entries in the OSX menu instead of 9